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Clearing my overbought and spree balance lego sales to make way for 2015 new sets! Check out the set for sale! Bulk discounts will be given!

Just email me your contact and offer. Priced to clear these extra sets to make space: 1) Lego 10127 Harry Potter Diagon Alley (EOL) Box condition not good but still sealed $380. Its out of production and current prices are … Continue reading

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MO/SPREE – Lego Lord of the Rings – 9476 Orc Forge and 9472 Attack on Weathertop at $59 per box!

Hurry, anyone keen to buy Orc forge and Attack on weathertop at $59 per box, please email or what’s app me! Note: 5 box of 9476 and 2 slots of 9472 avail! Can army build with Orc forge! Only while … Continue reading

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MO/SPREE – Lego Hotdog Stand Poly Bag at $16-17 per bag! (20 bags avail)

A fellow AFOL is conducting a MO for this exclusive hotdog stand from Lego! Estimated cost $16-17 per bag. Please email or whatsapp me if keen to join in this MO/SPREE!

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Lego spree/mo Lego superman sets (each 3 sets only!)

Lego 76002 -$22 Lego 76003 – $78 Lego 76009 – $35 Please what’s app or email here if keen to participate in this MO. Thks

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Lego Spree or MO – Lego Cosmic Cube escape on sale at $36 per set!

Total 3 sets avail! $36 per box. First come first serve! Please email or what’s app me of anyone keen in this set!

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Lego MO/ Mass Order city the mine 4204 at $95 each vs RRP $159.90 (4 sets only!)

Only ; slots available. Lego City 4204 The Mines at S$95 ! Singapore RRP is S$159.90 Almost 41% off local RRP. Hurry while stocks, price and slots last! Email or what’s app me of keen!

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WTS – remaining Lego MO/Spree lego sets

Will update this page as we go along: 1) Lego Green Plates 32×32 studs brand new S$7.50 per piece 2) Lego Superman Set 76003 Battle of Smallville $75 per set 3) Lego Monster Fighters 9467 Ghost Traim $80 Will add … Continue reading

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